Sunday, December 23, 2007

Allow me to reintroduce myself!

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Camden!

Yup it's true. I have a name. Camden. I don't have a middle name yet, but I will eventually. Hopefully before I'm born.

Wow it's been a long month. Well actually a pretty fast month, but a lot happened, so it was kind of long in a way. As if planning for Christmas and buying presents and all that isn't enough work, the folks bought me a house in the beginning of the month. Like a real house, with square footage and a garage and everything. They moved in early December and couldn't be more excited about it. I would have posted another blog before now but I've been helping mom unpack and clean and all that fun stuff.

Right now I am on my first trip to AZ to visit my grandparents on the Gudgel side. I don't know why, but I like the desert. There's something cool about it... but maybe I only like it because it's winter right now and it isn't 115 degrees out. This is also my first Christmas. I've already gotten a bunch of presents. I don't know how people know what I want when they haven't even asked me, but so far I'm getting pretty cool stuff. I picked out my nursery set tonight too, so now I can really get moving on this. Ok well Mom picked it out, but I like it.

I'm kicking and moving all over the place, but mom can't feel it yet. I'm trying my best to get her to feel it because I know how excited she is going to be when she does. Hopefully soon. I'm working on it.

Later everybody. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Da, da, daaaa!

Well the vote total is officially in. The voting is closed. 20 of you were right and 17 of you were wrong. It was difficult for me to keep it a secret this long, well not really. So without further ado...

I'm a boy!

They found out today at our ultrasound appointment. I was moving all over the place to show them I'm not lazy. Mom can't feel me kick yet so she was happy to see me moving. All the moving made me kind of dizzy though and gave me the hiccups.

So my parents are really excited because they can officially plan for me now. No more green and yellow, except for maybe camouflage green. I doubt mom will let that fly though.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mom, we have a problem

Mom, we have a problem. Here's the thing, I hate In 'N Out... well let me clarify that. I will love In 'N Out one day, but not for a couple years. I can't stand it right now. I'm sorry, but it's too greasy and it makes me sick... and when I feel sick you feel sick too, so we have a little problem here. I know that it's your favorite food, but I just can't do it. Take tonight for example. You had In 'N Out and it was great going down because it's fresh and delicious and pretty much the best burger money can buy (I know what you're thinking and no, Dad doesn't sell his burgers so they don't count), but now you feel sick to your stomach and when you brush your teeth you are going to feel like you are going to throw up. Sorry. That's just the way it is.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hello again!

Sorry for my delay on the blog. It's been a busy and eventful past couple weeks.

I took my first trip down to LA. Wow, what were Mom and Dad thinking moving up here from there? I met Uncle Brent, Auntie Katie, and soon-to-be Auntie Danielle. They are cool. I look forward to meeting them outside of Mama. I got to see a lot of LA since Mom and her friends decided to drive to Long Beach to steal a USC flag... but the flag wasn't there. Those USC flags are so hot right now.

This past weekend was especially eventful. Mama and I went to the Revolve tour. It's a huge convention for teenage girls that Mama went to with the youth group. Sorry, but I'm not saying whether or not I should have been allowed in or not. The best part was Natalie Grant. Her song "Held" is awesome.

After Revolve we had a little scare but everything is okay now. Mom and Dad were very worried about me until they heard my heartbeat at the doctor on Monday morning. I tried to tell them I was fine, but I don't think they can hear me... and I can't really kick yet so I couldn't get their attention that way either. Now I definitely have Mom's attention though. I don't mean to make her sick, but I'm just growing like crazy in here and I need the energy. In two weeks I will be the size of an apple, and then a month from then I will be the size of a cantaloupe. Mom and Dad are watching The Biggest Loser right now. They should make a show about me called The Biggest Gainer. I mean I double in size every week. How crazy is that! If they did make that show, though, I would only want to do it if the guy from Survivor hosts it. He's the best.


Gotta go now. Dad has to give Mom her back rub so she can sleep well and get me my energy. I have a pretty good dad.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Get a good look

My parents went in for an ultrasound, so I guess there is no more hiding. They still don't know if I am a boy or a girl though, and I'm not telling... at least for like 5 more weeks. They got some pictures of me in all my glory. Get a good look now because the next time you see my I will look completely different with like arms and legs and stuff. They also got a sweet video. I would have let them take a longer video, but my agent said to cap it at 2 seconds. She said something about it being just a "teaser" or something like that. I didn't really understand what she was talking about.

Check out my heartbeat! 171 beats per minute strong.

Oh yeah - whoever voted for twins, you were wrong. What were you thinking anyways? There is no way I am sharing the spotlight with another baby.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another week down

So another week down and a whole lot more to go. It's been a relatively uneventful week, except for the fact that I now have ears. Tiny ears, but they are still ears. I watched my first college football game yesterday, or at least a couple minutes of it. Dad was watching USC beat Washington and Mom came and sat on his lap for a little bit. It was awesome, but Mom isn't exactly a big college football fan so she got up and left. I was a little upset that she didn't let me watch any more of the game, so I kind of made her a little sick. Actually, I have been making her feel a little sick all week. It's not my fault though. I'm just trying to grow in here and I require a lot of food and energy. You try doubling in size every week; it's not easy.

It would be fun to go to USC for college. Too bad it will probably cost $300,000 for four years of school there by the time I am in college. I will probably go to a cheaper school - like APU. Lol! I'm hilarious.

In other news, fall weather is here! The leaves are changing colors and the air is getting crisp. It's just getting started, but it's definitely getting colder around here - especially at night. It's sort of my dad's first real fall season too since he is a So Cal guy. Mom was working on a lesson plan this week about the four seasons and I tried to tell Dad to learn from her, but I don't think he heard me. It's probably a little easier for me to stay warm in Mama's womb, but he has sweaters and blankets and stuff, so he'll be fine. And besides, a little fall never killed anybody - sorry about that one, no pun intended.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What a weekend!

It's nice to finally be home after a long weekend. The wedding was really exciting. A bunch of Dad's friends were there and it was fun for him to see them all. They were all excited to see Mom and congratulate her and ask her about being pregnant. Everybody asks,"are you excited?!" and I am just sitting there thinking, "are you serious? Of course she's excited. It's me - Baby Gudgel! Hi-yo!" I yelled that a couple times, but then I realized nobody can hear me out there, so I gave up. They probably can't speak baby anyways.

Today was pretty fun too. The parents got hooked up with some box seats at the Giants game, so they brought Pat and Alexis along with them. The box was awesome and the free food was really nice; it's just too bad the Giants had to be playing. I mean they are basically a minor league team with a fancy stadium. Let's just say I'm looking forward to my first Dodger game.

After the game we met up with another of Dad's friends who was wandering around San Francisco with his girlfriend on their way up to Seattle. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy but somehow it works out. His name is Matt, but everyone calls him Tex. Is it just me or is everyone from Texas nicknamed "Tex"? I just hope if I go to college Texas people don't call me Cal.

Alright time for bed. Mom has a lot of work to do this week so I need to make sure she gets a lot of sleep.

Much love.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey it's me!

Can you believe it! I was planted 6 weeks and 2 days ago and I'm already blogging. I must be a genius. My limbs eyes and nose are starting to grow, just imagine how great my typing will be once I have fingers. Mom & dad have no idea what I'm gonna be.... thats why this page is all neutral colors. I know what I'm gonna be but it's me and God's little secret, at least for a few more months. So far I've decided I'm going to be really good and not make my mom throw up and all that fun stuff.. I do give her cravings though.. mostly for sleep.

I get to go to my first wedding this weekend. Dad's friend Kimble is getting married. I wish I could dance but my legs aren't fully here yet. I guess I'll just watch Kimble's family and learn how. (wink wink) I'm also excited to meet Pat and Alexis, I hope they give me a friend soon. I can be patient though because I have two cousins moving up here in a few weeks. I'm sure they'll keep me busy.

Well I feel one of those sleep cravings coming on, and I need to wrap this up before mom falls asleep and the lights go out. I'll keep you posted on my daily activities. You'd be amazed how much is going on in here.

Peace Out,
Baby Gudgel