Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our Summer Adventure: Part Two

In case you haven't heard!  We got approval from all necessary parties (Nhfc, host country and internat) to rehost "M" this summer!  We are so excited and as time gets closer to her arrival we are getting even more anxious to see our girl again!

I've updated friends and family in person and via Facebook and Instagram but I've been slacking in my blog updates on the matter.  I wanted to update everyone on the exciting news as well as share about the successful fundraisers we have had so far and the ones that we have coming up!

Thankfully, having hosted "M" before, we have a much better idea of what were headed into as far as what she "needs" while she's here.  Since I knew there was a chance she would be back I saved all of her clothes from last summer that she wasn't able to fit in her suitcase to bring back. I am so excited to break out those bags and transform our craft/play room, that we still reference to as "M's" room back into in fact just that... "M's" room.  I am forcing myself to wait until after school is out and for now just focus on raising the hosting fees we need to simply bring her here.. first things first right?

Hosting fees are roughly $3,250.  We've done two fundraisers so far.. The first one we "egged" over 20 houses the few nights before Easter!  It was so much fun and I was overwhelmed with the amount of help that I had for that fundraiser! 

Next the Terry's so graciously did a Chicken Alfredo take out dinner for us!  We sold 105 take out dinners and the night could not have gone better!  Again I was completely humbled by those who so willingly helped us in our efforts to bring "M" back this summer! 

With those two fundraisers we've raised almost exactly HALF of our hosting fees!  The next fundraiser I will be doing is a day of mini photo shoots!  Click here for more information on that! 

Others have said they would rather just donate to our host fees.. so for those of you that would like to do that the best way to do it is directly to New Horizons for Children.  Follow the instructions below to ensure your tax deductible donation gets applied specifically to "M".  

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support on our journey of loving "M".  This morning Brian and I completed our "rehost" training.  We were reminded that even if the first hosting period went flawlessly that doesn't necessarily mean the second will be the same.  We were reminded of the affects that trauma as a child can have on the brain and how often times those wounds will be evident through their actions even many years later.  Most of all we were encouraged with the reminder that we have the ability to show "M" the unconditional love of a family and try our best to be God's hands and feet in her life so that she will leave here knowing there is a God who loves her even more than we do! Please pray for us as we continue to prepare our home, our hearts and our finances for this summer's adventure with "M" (part two!).

Instructions on donating directly to NHFC on behalf of "M"

use THIS LINK and choose donate to a specific child. Notes will indicate this is a donation for A SPECIFIC CHILD!!  When given the chance enter "E1076 - Gudgel family" in the notes so they know who to apply it towards.  Thank you so much!

Photo Mini Sessions!

Photo Mini Sessions!

Our next fundraiser to raise hosting fees for "M" will be a day of Photos! Photo Mini Sessions, Saturday, April 30th 2016!  Morning and evening sessions available!  For $40 you will get a 15 minute session and a link to download your edited high quality digital images for all of your printing and sharing needs!  This is a great opportunity to get that quick family shot you've been putting off for years and/or to get head shots of the kiddos! Morning sessions will take place at Rahilly Park and evening sessions will be at Fahrens Park near the parking on Buena Vista for the frisbee golf course.  Email me at to sign up for one of the following sessions.

Rahilly Park
8:00 am:Open
8:20 am:Open
9:00 am: Open
9:20 am: Filled

Fahrens Park
4:00 pm: Filled
4:20 pm:Open
4:40 pm:Open
5:00 pm: Open
5:20 pm: Open
5:40 pm: Open
6:00 pm: Open
6:20 pm: Open
6:40 pm: Open
7:00 pm: Open