Thursday, November 22, 2007

Da, da, daaaa!

Well the vote total is officially in. The voting is closed. 20 of you were right and 17 of you were wrong. It was difficult for me to keep it a secret this long, well not really. So without further ado...

I'm a boy!

They found out today at our ultrasound appointment. I was moving all over the place to show them I'm not lazy. Mom can't feel me kick yet so she was happy to see me moving. All the moving made me kind of dizzy though and gave me the hiccups.

So my parents are really excited because they can officially plan for me now. No more green and yellow, except for maybe camouflage green. I doubt mom will let that fly though.


Todd and Amy said...

We are so excited for our new nephew.

Anonymous said...

EEEE!!! Another li'l Gudgel boy! We're so excited. Grow big and strong so you can watch out for your cousins and any little sisters that come along.

Grandma Gudgel (GG)