Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My first trip to the mountains!

Last weekend I went on a really fun trip with mom and some of the other ladies working in the children's ministry at church. We all went up to a cabin in Oakhurst. Most of the moms that came brought their kids and we kept everyone very busy.

I did pretty good most of the trip, especially during their meetings. The only thing was for some reason I didn't want to sleep in my travel crib. The first night mom kept getting me when I fussed, nursed me back to sleep, and then would put me back. This happend about 5 times that first night, mom didn't like that very much. So she finally gave in the second night and kept me in bed with her! She was very worried I wouldn't sleep in my own bed when we got home, but I like my bed so that wasn't a problem.

During their free time most every one went on a walk and took all of the kids. We had so much fun! We walked around a pretty big lake. It was so awesome up there, so many trees. It was really nice to get away from the valley for a little bit! I loved it.

We came home on saturday afternoon and I was very happy to see daddy. We got to hang out the rest of the night and mom got to take a nap since she didn't sleep very well with me right next to her the night before! I'm looking forward to going back up to the mountains. We'll be going up to Hat Creek (where uncle Todd is from) in a few weeks and then back up to Oakhurst in February!

Next week Grandma and Grandpa Gudgel are coming for a visit! I can't wait to see them. I'll be posting pics of our trip to the mountains as well as some others of pretty cool things I can do now like drink from a sippy cup and put my feet in my mouth! So check back soon!

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