Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4 month check up!

So a week has gone by and like we said were going to try to do this once a week.

This week was pretty good. Mommy and I got to hang out at home a lot, almost two full days of just being home.. it was very nice.

Last night Stetson and Amanda came over to see me. Well really they came over to have dinner with mom and dad but they did hang out with me too! Once again they all ate this really good looking food while I ate mushy apples... After dinner they played a board game and I just hung out. I showed them how good I am in my jumparoo, jumping so fast from leg to leg it looks like I'm running.

Today however wasn't as much fun. We stayed home all day and that was nice but then around lunch time we went to my 4 month doctors appointment. I know I've been there tons of times before but only the past two times have been since I was born. So everything was going great.. they weighed me, and measured me. I now weigh 12lbs 13oz and I'm 25 inches long! The doctor said that was great and I'm right on track to double my birth weight by six months, and that's what he likes to see. After that the nurse came in and they held me down on the table. They gave me four shots! The first one I didn't even cry, the second one I just yelled at them a little but the last two I let them have it. I was not happy about it.. worst of all mom forgot to give me my tylenol before I got them, lets just say it's been a long night. Tonight I should sleep really well though because I've had absolutely no naps today!

This weekend we're going to women of faith. I'm not to thrilled about being with a bunch of women Friday morning till sat night but my friend Asher is coming to so we'll get to hang out. We've already talked about how many times were going to make our mom's stop on the drive up to San Jose and how we'll manage to take turns crying to keep them up all night. Just kidding, we're going to be good, at least mom and miss Kim hope so!

Alright well like I said, no naps today, so it's time for me to be nursed and put to bed. Good night everyone!

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