Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No more peas

I found out I definitely do not like peas this week! Mom read somewhere that it takes about 10-14 different times of me eating a kind of food for me to be able to tell if I like it or not. Well we must have gotten there with peas because they're just not working out for me anymore. I realized it one night when Grandma Hicks was watching me. (Mom and dad went to the movies to see fireproof)

I let her know I was hungry so she went and got the food mom left for me... PEAS. Well I took one bite and swallowed it hesitantly making a horrible face. The next bite I gagged when I tried swallowing it. Grandma thought she better try one more bite. I spit a spray of peas all over the place. I communicated my dislike well because instead Grandma gave me my rice cereal, and even added bananas! Mom had done this before and I just loved it. However, now I wont eat rice cereal alone, it has to have those yummy bananas mixed into it!

Mom didn't believe Grandma when she picked me up. She said that I've never had a problem eating anything and that I loved all food. Mom had to see for herself that I wouldn't eat the peas. She got the jar back out of my bag, and tried again to feed me those peas. I communicated my dislike of peas to her the exact same way I did to Grandma only a few hours before. I made my point clear, mom's not buying peas anymore and she's going to give the last jar that's in the pantry to my friend Asher, he still likes them. (He must only be on time 8 or 9 of having them)

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Bernice said...

eh, who needs peas anyway, Cam. I love you and miss you and can't wait to get there to see you in a week!!!!!

Love you,
Grandma Gudgel