Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well it's been a long time since we updated this but I've been telling mom we needed to get on it. I've been here now for four months and so much has happened since then.

First of all I was born! After 24 hours of labor that ended in a c-section mommy had me at 12:18pm on May 18th 2008. I weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. A lot of people came to meet me at the hospital including both of my grandmas, grandpa Hicks, auntie Amy, auntie Katie, uncle Billy, and lots of other family and friends. It was the longest weekend of mommy and daddy's life but I was worth it.

When I was only about four weeks old my family went to Montana. It was my first plane ride and I did really good. We had a lot of fun that week hanging out with grandma and grandpa Gudgel, auntie Katie, auntie Danielle and uncle Brent. We stayed at a house on Flathead Lake, it was huge! I even got to ride in the boat while the grown ups did their water sports. We had a really good time. It looks like this may be a summer tradition for the Gudgel Family.

Not to long after Montana we went to Oregon for my great grandpa Gudgel's surprise 80th birth day party. It was a very long drive to Grants Pass but once again I traveled very well. That was a great trip because I got to meet all of grandpa Gudgel's family. Mommy and Daddy kept saying how it was so nice up there and they didn't want to come home, but of course we did, hopefully we'll go back soon though.

The end of August we went down to Los Angeles to visit more family and friends. One of daddy's friends Meredith got married, I didn't go to the wedding but grandpa and grandma Gudgel, and auntie Katie came all the way from Arizona to watch me so I got to hang out with them. Mommy and daddy had a great time! I also got to meet some of mommy's friends, Rachel, Julia and Laruen, they were really fun and they made me laugh a lot. The day after the wedding was especially cool. I got to hang out with daddy and some of his friends! They all got together for Tex's bachelor party. I got to sword fight with Nate and Jeff and they got a skim board and a slilp n slide.. it was entertaining watching the boys do their sweet moves and I even got my fist skim board lesson! We really wish we were goign to Tex's wedding but it's just not going to happen.. have you seen the stock market latley?!?! =)

So besides traveling a whole lot I'm doing lots of normal baby things as well. I've learned how to smile, laugh, talk in baby language, push up on my arms while I'm on my tummy and roll all over the place. I'm a pretty good sleeper at night, sleeping through the night at about a month. The past two weeks have been hard though because I'm growing so fast and need that middle of the night feeding. Mom's adjusting though, she gave me rice cereal before bed last night, nursed me, then gave me a little bit of a bottle... it worked and once again I slept all night! Along with rice cereal I've discovered bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, pears, and apples. Mom also let me suck the juice out of her watermelon the other day and gave me a little taste of her milkshake! I love all those things I've been eating but I can't figure out why mom wont give me everything else she eats. Sometimes when she eats I get her to hold me, whenever she moves the fork to her mouth I open my mouth and I try to pull it down so I can have some but she just won't give in! I don't understand it, she just says I'm to little still.

The toys I really like to play with right now are my jumparoo and some of my rattles and stuffed animals while I roll all over the floor. Mom still puts me in my swing, and although I fight it at first it still puts me right to sleep! My days mostly consist of hanging out with mommy, auntie Amy and my cousins Emma and Kara (and soon to be one more). We do all sorts of things like work at the church, run errands, have lunch with grandma Hicks and of course our daily sonic drive through run so mommy and auntie Amy can get their ice teas, extra ice.

I've also been hanging out at the Westlund's every now and then while mommy goes and subs. She likes subbing but misses me a lot so she doesn't usually do it more than once a week.

Well that's a lot of blogging, but still not four months worth. We'll be better about blogging, mommy says were going to try and do it about once a week. She says eventually she's going to print it all out and put my blogs in a scrap book or something... So have a good week!

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Bernice said...

This is so cute! Thanks for keeping us posted on our little Cam. We miss you guys sooooo much!!!!!