Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scarf and Jewelry organization

So a few days ago I gave in and joined Pinterest. I was quick to fill my boards with projects I wanted to do. Brian asked me when I planned on doing all of these things and my first response was, "Christmas Break". To our surprise I've already finished two of my "pins" only a few days later. All it took was a free Friday night and a quick visit to the new Hobby Lobby in town.

The first project I did was a scarf organizer. It was supposed to be way cooler than it was. Pretty much I thought I would be able to roll my scarfs and tuck them in shower curtain rings laced together and hanging from a hanger. It all was going great until it came time to roll the scarfs and I realized, no matter how hard I tried, there was no way I was going to get my scarfs to fit into that small of a circle. So instead I draped my scarfs through the holes and let them hang. It works well and still is a great way to organize my scarfs but its not nearly as "neat" as what I was hoping for.

This is what I was thinking it was going to be able to do...

This is what I made that was supposed to be able to let me store my scarfs like the above...

Only one of my 13 scarfs actually fit through the hole the way I was wanting it to. All the others weren't even close to being able to. So now they are all just draped through each one.. not as cute as the rolled version but it will do.

The second project however was a huge success. I made a jewelry organizer and I love it! Before I had all of my jewelry in one of those hanging organizers with pockets. It worked well but It was hard to remember what I had because it always got stuffed back in pockets and I had to double up on pockets in order to fit everything. I wore my favorites all the time but I forgot how much other stuff I had until I started pulling it all out and sorting through it.

This is how I am now storing my jewelry. I love it!

It was super easy and pretty affordable. I got all of my materials at Hobby Lobby,
here is what I used:

Stuff I bought at Hobby Lobby:
A backless, empty frame.... $15.99
Screw in cup hooks, 4 packs of 6... $7.96
A 13"x22" sheet of plastic canvas ... $1.89
(this is a sturdy plastic plastic sheet with lots of little holes)

All for a grand total of $25.84 (before tax)

Stuff I already had:
Drill with small drill bit
Staple Gun

This project was a success!!! I still use my pocket hanging organizer for all of my bracelets. It's prefect for that.

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