Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This was our third year going to this pumpkin patch, and each time, what I remember most is the heat! You'd think by the third year I'd expect it to be hot... but for some reason I just associate pumpkins with fall and fall with cool weather.. hmm not in the central valley! We had a great time this time with just our little family. The boys loved running and getting all sweaty. They especially loved picking the pumpkins they were going to get to carve. It was fun that Cam actually understood that if we were going to make a "pumpkin family" we had to take the size of the pumpkins into consideration. We started with baby K's pumpkin, obviously that one would be the smallest, and worked our way up from there. He is such a smart little guy, he got it, no problem!

Running through the pumpkin patch and sun flowers

Ander peaking out of the teepee

My 3 handsome men!

I kept trying to have the boys take a picture with the sunflowers but I kid you not, every single one had a few of these creatures in the middle of them.. So I took a picture of the bee's instead

Cam finding an appropriate size pumpkin to represent him in our "pumpkin family"

Ander either doesn't get what we are trying to do or thinks he's much bigger than he is.. probably both

At the top of the pumpkin stack.. When did my baby boy turn into a big boy?

Taking our great finds to the car

Time to carve pumpkins! Cam drawing his face on his pumpkin so dad could cut it out... needless to say this was more for his sake than Brian's

Ander was not very interested in the pumpkin carving... the fly swatter however.. that was a big hit...

Our finished "pumpkin family"

Ander still not very interested

And here we are all lit up!

I love this picture because even though he's been getting the lyrics mixed up, Cam has been singing "This little light of mine" to himself a lot! I'm sure there's a lot of history behind pumpkin carving, and i'm sure any one can relate it back to whatever they want.. When I was little I told my first grade class that halloween was the devils birthday... Opposite of Christmas right? haha Well, our kids are going to relate pumpkin carving to Matthew 5:16 "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds, and praise your father in heaven." Look how bright these pumpkins shine, is our light shinning for Jesus every day?

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