Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Christmas Card

Can you believe it's that time of year again, ALREADY? With Christmas only a week away I hope you and your families are doing well and are ready to relax and take in this special Holiday. For our little family that is exactly what's happening over the next week. Or at least I'm going to try and have that be the case!

Sooo where do I start? I guess first I should say we are working on a timeline that revolves around March 13, 2012. That will be when our little girl, Kayley Bernice, comes into this world! Or at least that's when we have the c-section scheduled. We are beyond thrilled to be having a girl and can't wait to meet her! Although, a lot is going to happen before then.

Once we get through Christmas we will be in full "packing and moving" mode. That's right we are moving! (Don't worry too much local friends, we are not moving far) Long story short we are selling our house and moving from Atwater to Merced. We are very excited about the house the Lord has provided for us and are especially excited to being only 5 minutes from both the church and Brian's work. We will be saving lots of money on gas with this big move and for that reason alone we are thrilled. We will be all moved into the new house in February, just one month before our new addition arrives.

So other than those few huge changes most everything is the same for our little family.

We are still certified to do foster care although we have shifted our role a little bit for now. We started the Safe Families ministry at our church and are anxiously waiting to see how God is going to use everyone involved. This is a ministry similar to foster care, but it offers support to parents that need help and allows them to take control and make changes before CPS has to get involved. To read more about this ministry you can click here: Safe Families

Brian has been with UBS Financial Services for five years now and still enjoying it. Recently he has been co-teaching the Freshman and Sophomore high school group on Sunday mornings. Brian's parents and sister are living in the bay area and we get to see them almost every month. We are very spoiled to have them so close and the boys absolutely love every minute they get to spend with them. Brian's brother, Brent, and his wife Danielle, recently moved to Austin, Texas. They are enjoying the south and we hope to visit their new stomping grounds sometime soon. We are blessed we will be able to see them in about a week as we will all be at Brian's parents house for Christmas this year!

I am in the middle of my third year teaching at SonShine Christian Preschool at First Baptist Church in Merced. This school year has been wonderful and I am so thankful for my students and their wonderful parents! I am also very thankful for my co-workers. It's so nice working with people you really look forward to being around! Photography is also keeping me busy, however I am done with photo shoots until after Kayley is born. As if I couldn't have a more full plate I added one more thing about a month ago. I now am an Independent Scentsy consultant. Really this isn't much work at all. It just gives me an excuse to shop online. I love doing it, and the little bit of extra income has been nice. My family is still living in Merced and we get to see them pretty much every day. There is definitely something special about the boys being able to go to Papa's office regularly and scoring some "gummy fish" from his top drawer.

Camden is now 3 1/2 years old and often I have to remind myself he's only that! He started preschool three days a week this year and is enjoying it. He especially enjoys being at school with his cousin Kara. He is constantly impressing us with how smart he is and makes us smile with all of the things he says. He is very excited to be having a baby sister, although he often tells us we need to have more babies after baby Kayley is born because he wants our family to be "just a little bit bigger."

Andersen turned two in November and his personality is really starting to shine. He is very deliberate in just about everything he does. He especially loves spending time with his daddy and is often found grasping Brian's hand and leading him from the movie cabinet to the playroom and anywhere else he wants to be. He loves Cars 2 and has much commentary for just about the whole movie. Although only parts of what he is saying we can understand. I try and tell him baby Kayley is in my tummy but he just looks at me like I am crazy. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to our new addition.

We will try and update our blog more regularly and we look forward to introducing you to Kayley in a few short months! Merry Christmas!

Much Love,
The Gudgels

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