Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're getting a placement!

Well the time has come! We finally (that's the impatient part of me talking) are getting a placement! I say finally but really it's great timing. I just finished school two weeks ago and I am now on summer break until mid August. It will be very nice to have some down time to get adjusted with the new additions to our family. Yes I said additions... two boys.

I can't tell you much about their situation because I'm not allowed to. Lets see I can tell you ages... They are 4 and 6 years old. We initially didn't think we wanted kids older than 4 but for some reason when they called us with these two we didn't have any hesitation. Maybe that's because a month ago they called us and asked if we wanted to take a 9 year old and that felt really old. (We obviously said no, although there was a BIG part of me that wanted to say yes).

We will have them for one week before we officially become their foster parents. This gives us some time to make sure its going to work out. If then we decide we want to switch them over to our care then we could have them for quite awhile.

With that.. I'm going crazy thinking about all the things I need to get done before they get here in less than 48 hours. Tonight we unbunked the tree house bunk beds in the tree room. That is where they'll be sleeping. Camden will now sleep in the play room/guest bedroom (No big deal because he sleeps there a few nights a week as is). This is what still needs to be done before they get here...or soon after they get here.

-Get drawers to put under beds in the tree room and Cams new room
-Get some clothes (they will bring with them what they have but there's no guarantee what that will be)
-Figure out where the 6 year old is going to start 1st grade next year. I'm leaning towards Merced Christian so he can be in the same class as my niece. So If we choose to do that I need to sign him up asap.
-hmm that may be all.. Ok so it doesn't seem like that much to do but my mind is going a mile a minute I'm so excited/nervous.

oh and did I mention that we have our annual trip to the lake house in Montana coming up.. as in we leave the end of next week?!?! If all goes as planned we will be buying two more plane tickets and bringing them with us.

We are excited. Please pray that this transition goes smoothly. We learned that every time a child gets moved to a new home they actually suffer brain damage. I pray that every thing will go as smoothly as possible and that these boys will be as comfortable with us as possible . Pray that Brian and I will have patience and understanding. Pray that Camden and Andersen will adjust well and that every one will get along. Thank you every one for your support. It is greatly appreciated. =)

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Amanda Kimble said...

Praying praying praying for you guys! For the Lord's strength, equipping, provision, peace and love. So awesome. What an amazing opportunity to get to be an outlet of God's love for these precious little ones. Praying for your family!