Saturday, June 11, 2011

So how can you help?

When we got the boys they came with TONS of clothes. This was very cool. However as I was sorting through things I realized the majority of the clothes were one to two.. or three sizes too small for them. Immediately I started making piles to make sense of things.

They are ages 4 and 6 and some of the clothes were 2T and 24months. I'm sure they've had these things forever and who knows if they've been wearing them... but I quickly made a pile of things I knew were too small for them. I mostly shifted around and gave the younger boy the older boys clothes. I have a box of clothes that don't fit them and my hope is when our social worker comes I can ask her if I can switch out the box of old clothes for a box of new (or new to them) clothes. I've got some great stuff so far but I'm still in need of size 6 and 7. Pants, shorts, shirts, jammies.. you name it. If you have any gently used items in these sizes that your kiddos aren't using or if you feel the urge to donate to the cause then email me or message me on fb. I'm thinking we'll have the boys until wed so its gotta be soon.

I'm sure you know appearance can make a huge difference in kids self esteem. These boys are incredible and I want to make sure they at least have a good wardrobe of clothes that fit them as they transition into their next home. (for more about that read my previous post)

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