Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our oldest is 3!

I can't believe three years has gone by since our oldest was born. He is such a blessing and we thank God for him every day!

This year, after much debate, Camden decided he wanted a pirate party. Pirates was one of his favorite rides and Disneyland when we went a few months ago, and he loves Jake and the never land pirates on Disney. So as soon as he committed to the idea (as much as a three year old could) I started planning.

Of course the invites were obvious, a message in a bottle of course!

We had the party in our children's building at church. Some very talented people just built a really cool ship that is used as a stage on Sunday mornings. The kids loved playing on it and giving puppet shows.

The cake.. seriously maybe the easiest cake i've ever made.

The Birthday Banner, thank you Auntie Amy and Uncle Todd (he burnt the edges)

Walking the plank

Painting treasure chests.

The first pinata experience. I thought I was doing good by getting a soft bat.. but it didn't work. lesson learned.

Happy Birthday Cam! We love you!

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Danielle Gudgel said...

Oh, my! How I love this! Wish we could have been there. You all look so cute, and it looks like a lot of fun.

Did you use fondant for the top of the cupcakes? They're so cool!