Thursday, April 14, 2011

March.. Brian and I went to Washington DC

This year we are incredibly blessed to have a fun event/trip to look forward to every month. Seriously every month until... October. So January we had our snow trip. February we did Disneyland. Now were at March. Okay, I know its April now but we've been pretty busy around here with every day "life" so I'm going back to March. ;)

Brian knew for awhile he had a business trip to Washington DC on his schedule. About a month before the trip my mom was over and it came up. She started talking about how fun it was when my dad would have business trips because his company always allowed for her to go with him. Brian said that was an option, all that we would have to pay for is the airplane ticket for me. He just figured there's no way I would want to go because he'd be in meetings during the day.

I thought about it for probably less than five seconds and laughed. You mean I could actually have some quiet alone time during the day. In a nice hotel. Where you can have anything you need brought to you by just picking up the phone. Where someone comes and cleans up after you. Where I can eat lunch with nobody touching me, "I just want to eat lunch with nobody touching me". (quote taken from the movie Date Night). Oh and lastly.. not to have anything I HAVE to do all day and I can sleep as late as I want. Not sure about you but that sounds like a dream vacation to a busy mom with little ones. I told him, call your travel agent and get me on that flight.

The trip was excellent. We stayed in two different hotels over the three nights we were there. They were both located near the white house and the other monuments. When we checked into the second hotel they told us when they have people working on the roof of their building they have to call the secret service and let them know that they're supposed to be there and they aren't snipers or anything. We were that close.

Brian actually only ended up having meetings two of the days and only 4 hours or so at a time. We got a lot of sight seeing in, enough to satisfy us anyway. I did end up staying in the hotel room while he was gone, mostly sleeping since you can make it as dark as night in most hotels, including the ones we stayed. It was fabulous. Here are some pictures from the trip. We had a blast.

Brian in front of the white house

We didn't have many pictures of us taken together because when we asked people we either got this..

Umm we kind of wanted to be able to tell where we were?!?!

or this...

So the next one we opted to set up our selves. We just found a spot in the grass, put the timer on the camera and propped it up with my purse. I was satisfied.

A few hours later though we thought we would give it another try. The guy that took this pic did good! He probably thought I was crazy when I was so happy to see he captured what I was wanting!

Now this.. was my FAVORITE place to visit in DC

Those right there are cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. They have a show on TLC called DC Cupcakes. We waited in a line that wrapped outside around the building for 30 min in the cold on a Friday night to get cupcakes and it was worth it! I bought 18 cupcakes and guarded them with my life the whole way back to CA so my friends and family could experience these delicious treats. YUM

The morning before our flight we took the subway out to Arlington National Cemetery. We didn't have very long to explore but it was neat. Here's a picture from The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We had such a great time. It was a huge blessing to be able to get away from our every day life and spend some quality time together. Mostly it was so relaxing because we knew everything back home was being taken care of. I work with awesome ladies that were supportive in me taking the few days off and were willing to cover me at work. And not once did I have a single worry about the boys. They got to go stay with Brian's parents and Auntie Katie. They were very well taken care of just like I knew they would be. They were excited to see us when we came back, but when we left Brian's parents house Camden was crying because he didn't want to leave their house! Apparently he had a great time.

Next month, or really later this month.. So Cal Beach House with Brian's family. I'm sad to say Brian wont be able to make it on this trip because he cant afford to miss work.. BUT I get to make it a road trip with one of my besties and our kiddos. Can't wait!


Amy said...

Hey Mary! How fun :-O I loved the pictures. We just yesterday decided to tag on a trip to DC after my brothers wedding in PA (NYC would have been fun but it was getting way to complicated). Seeing your post made me even more excited. I went on a business trip with Adam last summer and it was Ah-Mazing :-) Good choice.

Savanna said...

Awesome pics! Kyle's graduation is going to be there so we will be going in a year or so. Can't wait! And I will definitely be stopping by Georgetown Cupcakes!

Erin said...

Lady, that picture with you and Brian on the ground in front of the monument that I shamefully admit I cannot name, is awesome! You guys look so hip & "city!" Gorgeous :) How special I feel to be joining you on your next fun trip!