Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's taken me awhile to post about this, but over Presidents day Weekend we went to Disneyland and CA adventure for three days with both of our families. Three days was the perfect amount of time... We had a blast, even with one rainy cold day. We decided we would try and make Disneyland a regular family trip with visits every other year. This way the boys will be a little bit older than the last time we went and interested in different things, and it also gives the parks time to get more attractions and change things up a bit. We love Disneyland. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

The first thing we did when we got down to Anaheim late Friday night was hit up Down Town Disney so we could take the kids to Build a Bear. It was the first time for Camden, Kara & Bria to make their own bear (or in this case a bear, monkey and dog). Andersen wasn't old enough to understand what was going on so we entertained him with a pretzel... he loved it.

Our attempt to get a family picture in front of the castle

Good thing the castle family pic turned out good for at least one family that day.

My parents with their 5 grandkids ages 5 and under.

The girls were sooo excited to dance with Donald. There wasn't space for Emma to hold Donald's hand so she just started dancing by herself. Maybe the funniest part of the trip.

It's a bug's life

Grandmas and Nonnas are priceless

Grandpas and Papas too...

Lots of Shoulder rides were happening that weekend...

Ander sharing his string cheese with Miss Lauren. I love that DL lets you bring in your own food. So convenient!

Katie with Camden on his favorite ride

Loving the carousel

Meeting more Characters

Part of our attire for the weekend.

Andrsen's first trip to Disneyland was a success, he was crowned with his ears.

I know this was a photo heavy post but there's way more where they came from. Here is the link to these and more pics from our DL Trip.

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