Saturday, April 23, 2011

We took the train to San Fran

Last weekend we took Amtrak from Merced to San Francisco and back all in one day. It took us about three hours each way. Why in the world would we do that when driving it will only take two hours each way? One reason.. Camden. He is in love with trains. Actually he's fascinated with everything with a motor at the moment. Buses, trains, cars, trucks, tractors, airplanes and helicopters are something we hear about regularly. Our church participated in a kids day out with Amtrak. Its fun for the kids to be able to ride the train, go somewhere fun, and all at a much cheaper price. AND since Amtrak doesn't cross over the bay, we took one of their buses across the bridge. We killed two birds with one stone that day.. we rode a train and a bus! He was a happy camper. As always, here's some pictures of the trip. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the train. I was too worried about making sure I had a tight hold on the little ones while we were standing next to the track. If you're really sad that there isn't a picture of the train, google Amtrak train and i'm sure you'll get the idea. That's what I'll have to do when it comes time to scrapbook.

Cam and Kara on the train

The W's

I love our little family

This guy was a riot.

I love my parents

She looks like a book worm with Papas glasses

Nonna met us at the Pier!

Andersen doing his "gasp and cover my mouth because something funny or silly happened"

Playing at the fountain at Ghiradeli square


My baby is getting big!

Riding home with papa

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Erin said...

Beautiful, Mary! You're amazing! And, I love your little family too! And the W's. And, your mom & dad! And, you have quite a stylish MIL! Love you!