Monday, May 12, 2008

Past Due!

Hello from inside mommy's tummy! (Yes still...)

Today we went to the doctor again. We've actually been there once a week for about the last month. Today was a different kind of appointment though. I had to go get a stress test! They hooked mom up to these monitors and monitored my heart beat. I decided to play a joke on the nurse and every time she'd find my heartbeat she'd get ready to strap the monitor on and I would move so she'd have to start over! I did this quite a few times so she went to get another nurse to help her. Mom, dad, and auntie Katie were laughing... I decided I better cooperate so when the new nurse came in I didn't give her any problems. I even stayed perfectly still for the first half of the test but then mom started getting bored so I thought I should entertain her by moving and kicking and stuff.

After about thirty minutes or so Dr. J came in and I knew I better be good for him. He read my heart beats and was pretty impressed. Next he did an ultra sound. This is always fun for mom so she was excited. This was the first time Dr. J had actually looked at me and his worries about me being to big were relieved. He was very glad to see that most of mommy's belly is filled with amniotic fluid and that's why I seem so big. Next he measured my head. He said a baby is really good and ready when the measurement of the head is between 90 and 93.. Mine measured at a 91.. Mom was excited about this, not to big but just right! He looked at all the rest of me to make sure everything looked good, he seemed to be having fun doing it too! He proved more than ever that I was a boy.... Mom and dad were very happy about this since they'd just spent the weekend finishing my nursery! Well more like dad and auntie Amy, they put up the border while mom watched. Anyway my nursery is awesome, thanks to all of you that contributed towards that!

So back to the medical stuff... my heartbeat was great, the fluid around me was great, my head and body were great, and we got a great report. All this means is mom is even more stumped on when I'm going to get here! She hasn't had any real contractions and just very little mild cramping! As we were walking through the hallway leaving the office Dr. J said something to dad about him being the only one to make me come... something about whoopy?? Whatever that meant. If I don't make my grand entrance by Friday then we get to go see Dr. J again to set up a time to induce. No matter what I'll be here by the middle of next week and that's all I'm going to reveal at this time!

Sorry it took me so long to get this new update, I've been busy getting ready to meet you all in the real world! See you soon!


Ps: I love getting comments but I'm stumped on who this anonymous person is... please sign your name!


Valerie said...


We are saying prayers for you and baby Camden. May you have a safe and easy delivery. We can't wait to meet your sweet little guy! Hugs and smiles, Valerie Roden

Christa said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that Camden and mom are doing well. He's definitely keeping everyone in suspense! Can't wait to meet him. Christa

candice said...

I'm getting very excited for you! I'm sure you can hardly stand it anymore!! Good luck and I can't wait to meet baby Camden. Candice