Thursday, February 12, 2015

Westlund family adoption update!

As a lot of you know my sister and her family are in the process of adopting a 12 year old boy from Eastern Europe.  In November they got to go and stay in his country for three weeks and then bring him home.   Things have been going great but unfortunately this process still has a couple of hurdles to jump through before it's all said and done!

The next obstacle is for my brother in law and my new nephew  to travel back to his home country for 6 days March 29th-April 5th.   During this time they will meet with the orphan court and verify that "S" is doing well and still wants to be adopted.  This will finalize the adoption with his country.   This will be trip #2 of 3.  While this is exciting because it is ensuring things are moving along just as they should, its a little nerve wracking for them because that means they need to come up with the cost of the travel expenses. 

On top of all of that, their family also needs to find a new home to live in by March 31st!  The owner of the home they have been living in the past few years needs to use the house for family.  They have known it about it for awhile but haven't found a new place to call home quite yet.   We have been praying they wouldn't get travel dates for trip #2 until after the move but for some reason God had other plans.

After talking with my sister and her being sure she had drained everyone's well dry with the first half of this adoption process I forced encouraged her to do another fund raiser! She came up with a very meaningful way to earn the funds needed for trip two!  Here is what she wrote on their adoption page on FB.

"As most of you will remember, we started this journey to bring S to California with a puzzle fundraiser! S now has that puzzle hanging in his room as a reminder of all the people who loved, prayed and supported us in bringing him into our family!

2 years later we are doing a puzzle fundraiser to raise the funds needed to make our adoption of S final in his country! We chose the puzzle that S and I worked on  while we were there on trip one!  It is of his country and it has 165 pieces! If each piece is claimed for a price of $20, we will have raised enough to cover the cost of two international flights, hotel accommodations and food costs for 6 days/nights!

Donations can be made:
Through PayPal by using this link and making a friends and family donation to our email address:

With a check mailed to our address:
725 Setter Court
Redding, CA 96003

Who would like to help us put this puzzle and our second trip to ****** together?
1 puzzle piece=$20 and we will put your name on the back of each piece you purchase!"

So help me prove her wrong!  Help me make her realize people do still want to contribute and want to see this adoption through to the very end!  We are starting off by buying a puzzle piece for each of our kiddos!  So only 161 pieces left to sell!  Thank you so much for your love and support!

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