Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gudgels Do Disney Part 1- Shoes and Ears

We have been planning a trip to Disneyland for about six months.  As our trip has gotten closer I find myself doing a lot of unnecessary planning for our adventure.  I love crafting so give me an excuse and I'm going to run with it!  I will blame this one on my sister in love- Katie.  For Christmas this year we did "family" gifts with Brian's siblings.  For our family gift Katie got us matching Disneyland shirts (I will share those in a later post).  Of course I had to start thinking about what K & T would wear with their personalized Minnie shirts and all of the sudden I was in craft mode.  That combined with Brian telling me the girls probably should have some tennis shoes for comfortable walking riding in the stroller I knew it was time to get my craft on.  So here is post one of our Disney adventures... Disney shoes and Disney ears for our girlies.

Here is what you need-
For the Shoes:
-Ribbon- Size 5/8" for the laces and the "flare"
-Size 7/8" for the base of the bow
-Floral Wire
-Fray Check
-Buttons: Two big and four small
-Glue Gun

For the ears
-1.5" Ribbon
-Black Sparkle foam
-Black foam with sticky back
-Alligator Clip
-Glue Gun
-Fray Check

 I decided it would be easier for me to make a video of me blinging out the shoes and making the ears rather than showing each step in pictures.. It's a little long so just scan through to the parts you have questions about.  I gave a lot of details... I also say "and" a lot.   Happy crafting!

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