Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis the Season

I'm learning about this new thing called Christmas and I'm loving it!

The house has been decorated for a few weeks now and last night Dad put up all the lights outside. There are colorful ones on the house and then lots of white ones all over the bushes and trees out front! I love it. We have two Christmas trees. I like the one in the family room more because there's presents under that one! Mom and dad don't worry much about me playing near the presents... I try and open them but I usually can't get a piece big enough to pull any paper off. Besides I can't read yet so I can't even tell what presents are for me anyway.

I got a what is Christmas book from my Grandma Hicks. I learned all about cookies, trees, lights and a bunch of other stuff. Most importantly though I learned that Christmas is when Jesus was born and that's really what it is all about. I'm sure mom and dad will have to remind me again next year, but I like learning about Jesus.

A few weeks ago was Thanksgiving, I like that holiday too! We went down to Auntie Danielle and Uncle Brents in Pasadena and had thanksgiving dinner. It was a lot of fun, even though Dad and I were sick. We both had really high fevers, colds, and dad had a sore throat. I'm glad we went even though we were sick though because I really enjoyed spending time with daddy's side of the family.

The week before that Auntie Katie was here and she spent a lot of time with me! She watched me a lot so mom could sub. We had a lot of fun together, but poor Auntie Katie, I got her sick.

That's all for now... Only 14 days left until Christmas.. that means 14 more ornaments to put on the little tree that hangs in the hallway and 14 days until I get to know what presents I'm actually supposed to be opening and 14 days until we have a bday party for Jesus! I love Christmas.

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Lauren Ashley said...

I bet you're excited, Camden! Your first Christmas!!

And yes, Jesus' birth is what it's all about!! :D

I hope you have a great first christmas!!!