Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Only a few weeks till "M" arrives!

When I used to think of hosting the first thing that came to mind was the cost.  When God put it on our hearts to host it was a month before the money would need to be turned in and although I was dreading that part,  He provided! We raised the money needed to cover her hosting fees.  Each time I saw a pay pal email, fb message, Someone giving me a check or cash at church, or new horizons account statement update, I was humbled by the generosity of the people in our circle!  I can not wait to show "M" her puzzle and explain that all the people whose names are on the back are people who made it possible for her to come here this summer!   

God continues to show me he knew this was a good summer for us to host- I was disappointed that our family vacations (that we planned and paid for back in January) were taking place before "M" arrives on June 29.  I wanted her to be able to go camping and to Montana with us but God knew better than me.  We've never had trips this close together before but it just happened that way this summer.    In a Facebook group I'm a part of with other people that are hosting this summer someone shared that one thing we need to be intentional about before our host child gets here is filling our bio kids love tanks and making sure we are being intentional about spending time with our spouses so that we can go into hosting as relationally healthy as possible.   After spending the past 5 days with my family and doing nothing but focusing on our kiddos and spending time with them, building sand castles,
sitting around the Bon fire, eating every meal together, even all six of us sleeping in a tent together has been so good for us.  My sister and her family went camping with us, they recently adopted my nephew who they first met through the hosting program and this was the first year he was here to come camping with us.   Getting that time to see how he's adjusting to his new family almost brings me to tears.  He is so brave, helpful, positive and has more energy then I could imagine... He is respectful and kind.  He isn't perfect and had his moody times (although not as many as my own kids) He misses his friends from where he is from but he likes America.  When we were walking on the beach we passed a section that was owned by a private highschool- a boarding school.  I told the kids that it was a boarding school and his response was "that's horrible".  While I'm pretty sure the ocean front  $20k a year boarding school is different than his boarding school he attended his whole life until he moved here, it made my heart break a little and made me so thankful Todd and Amy followed Gods calling for them to adopt this sweet boy.  

In a couple days our vacation continues as we get to spend a week in Montana with more people that we love.  One thing that I want to do while we're there is make "M" affirmation cards.  I want to give her one each night before bed- something that tells her how much she is loved and how God created her in his image, tell her that she can Trust in Him.  I ordered her John MacArthurs study bible in her language, I would love to have each affirmation supported by a scripture so she can become familiar with her Bible and hopefully she will continue to turn to that source of comfort when she goes back home.   So If you have a favorite verse please Facebook it to me and I will find the translation and put it on a card for her!   

I have had a few people ask me what else she needs while she's here.  I started a list I will post later for those that are interested in helping with that.  Thank you all for your love and support.  We are excited to meet "M" in just a few weeks! 

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