Friday, February 21, 2014

My very first Stitch Fix!

It's finally here! My very first stitch fix! I was on the list for awhile but due to that whole target debit card mis hap and me getting a new debit card and me not updating my stitch fix account I missed out on the box they put together for me a month ago.. But I got back in line and my turn is finally here. I got my box!
For those of you who don't know... Stitch Fix is basically a busy mom's dream come true. You go online and fill out a little bit about what you like fashion wise, tell them your sizes and where you wear the clothes you buy and then they give all that info to a stylist and they put together a box for you. They ship it to your home, you try it all on, keep what you want and send back what you do not like. I love this! It's like speed shopping and you can get the boxes once a month! Or you can schedule your shipments more spaced out if you'd like. They charge you a $20 styling fee when they ship your fix but that $20 will go towards your purchase assuming you keep something. I love shopping but at this point in my life never make it to the mall, and when I do I have no idea what to try on since I feel like i've been out of the fashion world for so long! So I was beyond excited to get this box today.... Here is what it had..

Zouk Tracy Fit & Flare Geo Print Dress $38 I liked this dress and it fit nicely but It was just ok. I do actually have a few events coming up that I'm going to need dresses for but the black and white geo print wasn't really doing it for me. So I am not keeping this one...
Pink TCEC Glendale Embellished Hi-Lo Tank $48. This top was ok. It fit nice but I didn't see myself wearing it often. I'm sending this one back.
Navy Under Skies Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top $58. I love love love this. Its classy and comfortable and covers my not so flat mommy tummy. This is for sure a winner! I decided I'd post the pictures of me in the things i'm keeping!
Light Green Bay to Baubles Diana Flower Jewel Necklace $36. Cute necklace but I don't want to spend this much on a necklace. I like it though!
Black Liverpool Anita Ponte Pant $78. This was funny since i've been looking for more black pants/skinny jeans. I happened to just buy a pair last weekend and despite my love for black skinny pants, I couldn't justify another pair... for now, so i'm sending these back too. They were great though!
Well out of the five items they sent me this month i'm only keeping one. I have heard the more fixes you get the better the selection gets because your stylist learns your likes and dislikes. I will go on the website and "check out" and write why i'm not keeping the things i'm sending back. An extra bonus, if they ever do send you a box of things you LOVE you get a 25% discount if you buy everything. That makes a big difference. Stitch Fix is definity a treat and not something I HAVE to do but I will definitely be trying to fit this into our regular budget. It's exciting to get this box in the mail and try on things that were picked especially for you! IF you want to try it out I would appreciate it if you signed up under this link so I could earn credit towards my next fix! Thanks


Jayma Hollister said...
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Jayma Hollister said...

Very cool!! You look awesome in that shirt! Do you know if they do all sizes and possibly maternity clothes? Such a great idea!

MGudgel said...

@jayma, in pretty sure they don't do maternity and I'm not sure about other sizes but they are like real clothes sizing. These are size small... From forever 21 I'm usually a medium because their clothes run small.. Hope that helps!