Thursday, December 23, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our family blog!  If you're checking out the link we put on our Christmas cards this year then you've made it to the right place.  For people who didn't get a Christmas card, this is what we sent out.  Sorry if you didn't get one, it's more than likely because we know you would see this blog anyway! =)

So here is our annual family update in a few paragraphs.

Andersen had his first birthday in November.  We gave him a super hero themed party.  He had a great time and especially loved digging into his giant cup cake.  He started taking steps a few months ago but hasn't quite committed to this new way of getting around until just this week.  He eats just about anything and is a pro at "gumming" any food given to him.  This is probably why one of his back molars is coming through before his two top teeth.  He points to things he wants and is becoming quite vocal.  Today while Camden was washing his hands in the bathroom Andersen was pointing to the sink and squawking, letting me know he wanted to wash his hands as well.  I told him he didn't need to wash his hands because they weren't dirty.  I turn my attention back to Camden who is now drying his hands and when I look up Ander is dipping his hands in the toilet.. Ok Andersen you get to wash your hands now.  He was quite happy that he got his way.  He's starting to enjoy the train table even if Camden does everything in his power to keep him from playing with it (messing it up).

Camden is now 2 1/2 and talks to us like he's 12.  He's always reasoning with us on issues such as bed, (always wants "2 more minutes") brushing his hair ("it's fine"), taking baths (will only settle for a shower), eating ("my tummy isn't hungry) etc.  We have mastered putting on his boots, washing hands, identifying most colors, shapes, riding his bike, riding his scooter, potty training and much much more.  When we started potty training he would tell us to "GET OUT"  so we would stand outside the bathroom door and as soon as he would start going he would yell "It's working!!!!"  He never wants to go to school (nursery with Ms. Lauren while mom works) because he doesn't want to leave his house and never wants to leave school because he doesn't want to come home.  Needless to say he keeps us busy and it is always a challenge not to start laughing during the times we need to be stern with him.  He is exactly how I (Mary) was when I was little and that makes us laugh even more.

Brian will start his fifth year with UBS Financial Services in January.  It has been a great job for him and he enjoys working with the other people in his office.  He is a very good dad and helps me a lot with the boys and around the house.  During his free time he's playing his xbox, at bible study with a group of guys, seeing the latest movie or making nachos for a late night snack.  His dad took a lead pastor position and  moved to Sunnyvale last January so we have been blessed to see his parents quite a bit this past year.  The boys especially love being able to see Grandpapa and Nonna every few weeks.  

I am still teaching at SonShine Christian Preschool.   Last year was the first year for the preschool and on the very first day of school we had a total enrollment of 12 students and we ended the school year with 24.  This year we are full with a total enrollment of 40 students (24/day) and we have a waiting list.  It has been awesome to see what God is doing with this new ministry.  I've been blessed to meet so many incredible families.  Along with teaching part time, being a mommy and a wife, I've also started doing photography on the side.  It sort of happened by accident but I've enjoyed this new found hobby.  You can click here to check out my photography blog.  If I have any spare time at night you can find me reading.  Currently I'm reading the "Fame" series by Karen Kingsbury (A spin off from the Redemption series). 

Our family as a whole has had a wonderful year.  We are taking a break in having our own kids for at least another 9 months because we are starting Foster Care.  If you want to know more about that you can read more of this blog starting here.  
Thanks for stopping by to get our annual family update.  Feel free to continue to visit the blog for the latest and feel free to look around and see more of what we've been up to.  Also always feel free to give us a call, email, text, find us on facebook or even stop by!  We hope every one is doing well this Christmas season. 

Brian, Mary, Camden & Andersen Gudgel

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