Sunday, September 12, 2010

These are the most common questions we've been asked so far.. we figure you might be wondering the same thing so here's our answers. =)

Why did you choose to go with a private agency instead of the county?
The county social workers are on overload and are very busy.  The private agency we're going through offers a great deal of support to the families and the foster kids.  We have been told already several times to call them for anything at anytime and they'll be there to help us.  Also our agency, Koinonia Family Services, takes the time to match families with kids based on your home study and what they know about you.  So the simple answer- We're going to need a lot of advice and a lot of support and we are more likely to get that through the private agency.

Why did you choose Koinonia Family Services instead one of the other private agencies?
We came in contact with a family that was currently doing foster care through them.  They had so many great things to say about them.  Once we got involved with them we knew exactly what they were talking about.  The simple answer- they're awesome.

How do the private agencies get their kids?
When the county has kids they can not place, or want help placing, they use the private agencies to find families to place them.

How many foster kids do you want at a time?
Initially we were thinking just one.  Then we realized many foster kids often get removed from their home with a sibling.  Of course we would want them to be together.  So one or two foster kids would work for us right now.  However two would be a bit difficult because we wouldn't have a car big enough for the whole family... We aren't too worried about it though, we know God's in control.

What ages of kids are you willing to take?
For now we are open to taking kids preschool and under.  This is what our home is equipped for and this is the age we have experience with.  As our kids get older we'll take older kids.

Do you want to have more of your own kids?
 Yes!  We're thinking two more at some point.

You can have foster kids even though you both work?
Yes.  If you both work long days and don't get home until it's time for the kids to go to bed  it's probably not the best idea.  However since Mary just works half days its not a problem at all.

Are you worried about how Camden and Andersen will be affected?
Of course we can't help but think about this from time to time.  They are our top priority. As long as we communicate well with them and are in tune with their feelings it shouldn't be a problem.  We are also going to make sure we give them all the quality time they need. We are excited to give them the opportunity to be raised in a home that shows continued love for others.   Camden is so social he's going to love having extra play mates around the house. We have asked Camden if he wants other kids to come live with us and he always says, "Yes." We'll see how he feels when some actually show up.

Are you finally going to keep your blog up to date?
We are going to do our best.  We're really excited to share with everyone how God is working in our family.  However, due to privacy laws and confidentiality laws you won't hear much detail about the kids.  We also won't be posting pictures of them.  This is going to be hard for us not want to show off the little cuties that come through our home, but we know the kids and their families deserve this privacy.  You will hear about how our family is adjusting to this new adventure.  I'm sure there will be plenty of stories to share. =)

There's obviously more but these are what we are asked the most.  If you have any more questions just ask and we'll tell you!

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